How to choose night vision devices for airsoft?

Many men and women have already fallen in love with the team game airsoft, a specially designed soft pneumatics is used in it. Airsoft is a war in which there are no tragedies and death. This game is played both during the day and at night. More extensive and specific knowledge is required for night […]

How old should you be to play airsoft?

Airsoft is a popular outdoor military tactical team game that uses copies of military weapons. This game is interesting not only for adults but also for children. Airsoft is not just entertainment, but one might say a kind of sport. Instead of hanging out all day with their gadgets, children should participate in various competitions […]

How do airsoft guns work?

The whole world was captured by airsoft madness. Where else can you legally feel like a real commando if not in airsoft? Both men and women get together in teams and play war games. The fact that they are playing does not affect the amount of adrenaline, as if there was a real fight. This […]