How to make airsoft guns

Airsoft is a team game in which soft pneumatics specially designed for this are used. There are such types of small airsoft arms: electro-pneumatic and gas.

Electro-pneumatic is the most common type of airsoft weapon. This weapon allows automatic fire at a speed of 600 to 1200 rounds per minute. DC electric motors drive such machines. Weapons of this type are unpretentious in operation and resistant to cold up to +14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gas (gas cylinder) airsoft weapons are the most accurate imitation of combat prototypes. The mechanisms of these models of weapons are powered by liquefied gas in replaceable cartridges or gas, which was previously pumped into special tanks. When operating gas models of airsoft weapons, many consumables are used—for example, gas cylinders, seals, and grease. Also, gas models need constant maintenance. The main disadvantage of gas models is that this weapon is susceptible to a drop in ambient temperature and sometimes stops working at all at 32 degrees.

Make your airsoft gun

Many are interested in how to make an airsoft weapon with their own hands?

First, you need to decide what kind of shooting option is most acceptable for you: automatic shooting, semi-automatic shooting, or single shots. The most expensive weapon is an airsoft machine equipped with a gas cylinder to create pneumatic force when fired and an electric motor that feeds balls from the clip. Shooting from this weapon allows the player to feel like a real warrior.

The most common product in airsoft is pyrotechnics. The production of airsoft grenades takes a little material and effort, so the savings are significant.

To make an airsoft grenade, we need matches, electrical tape, glue, threads, a firecracker, a Whatman paper, a nail, and peas. It would help if you made a tube that is equal in diameter to the firecracker you have. We wind and glue the paper around the corresponding drill. The recommended length is 3cm. Then we cut off the teal of the same size and wind up the matches for the tube. We put everything that turned out into the line. If necessary, we sealed it with electrical tape.

On the other hand, we wrap and glue the matches into five-millimeter paper, then cover the grenade on a broader strip of paper. Next, you need to make a hole in the game that does not exceed the nail’s diameter, glue the fuse, and wrap it in the paper. From the fuse side, wind two thick layers of paper, shifting them slightly to the side. Then we make the sidewalls of the airsoft grenade using a wider strip of paper. Next, you need to cut out a small area and fill it with peas. Securely glue the workpiece and make a check out of a ring and a nail, pushing it into the drilled hole. To detonate, you need to pull the pin, hit the grenade on the knee, and throw it at the target.

Self-production of airsoft grenades is not recommended since sometimes the desire to save money and experiments lead to disastrous negative consequences. The participants in the game are required to adhere to the safety rules strictly. It is better to use only factory-made pyrotechnics and purchase them in airsoft stores because these are hazardous toys and must be certified.

With the independent manufacture of the primary weapon for airsoft, things are much more complicated. There are a lot of videos on the Internet in which the independent production of airsoft weapons is shown in stages. It may be easier and safer to buy a finished product and tune it. There is an external and internal tuning of airsoft weapons. External tuning improves the appearance and the installation of additional accessories, for example, a reflex sight and a tactical flashlight. Interior tuning – tuning specific performance characteristics that make it possible to shoot more accurately, faster and further. Often in airsoft weapons, springs and gears are replaced. The speed of the balls’ departure depends on this. Constantly carry out the replacement of electrical wiring.

When tuning your airsoft weapon, you need to pay attention to what kind of equipment is right for you and your drive. For example, if you like to play without rushing, installing an optical sight on a machine gun or assault rifle will be the best solution. Well, if you prefer an aggressive game, it is more correct to focus on increasing the rate of fire and the durability of the drive. Depending on the chosen fighting style, different types of industries are used.

Such tuning types are used to replace body parts with more durable ones, increase the rate of fire, and replace the inner barrel for greater accuracy of the shot.

In sniper rifles, bipods are installed for more convenient positioning of weapons, optical sights are also installed, and plastic parts are replaced with more durable ones. Sometimes they change the electric motor and batteries and also install gears from a more durable material. This increases the ability of the weapon to withstand a heavier load.

In general, if you tackle the tuning of airsoft weapons, you can “bump” the gun to become almost unique. Tuning weapons is a complicated and responsible process, so it is better to entrust it to professionals because the health of both you and your rivals depends primarily on it.

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