How to choose night vision devices for airsoft?

Many men and women have already fallen in love with the team game airsoft, a specially designed soft pneumatics is used in it. Airsoft is a war in which there are no tragedies and death. This game is played both during the day and at night. More extensive and specific knowledge is required for night battles than for daytime ones. Therefore, choosing a night vision device is a critical and challenging task.

Night vision scopes are optical devices that are used to conduct aimed fire at night. These devices are divided into three types: monoculars, binoculars, and pseudo-binoculars.

Monoculars are usually mounted on top of the weapon and are lightweight.

Binoculars are comfortable in-game and give a large viewing angle.

Pseudo-binoculars are one of the most common types of night vision devices. They have one optical outlet and a simple design.

Observation devices include night vision goggles, night vision monoculars, and night vision binoculars. These devices are needed for observing and detecting targets.

Sights and night vision attachments are designed for mounting weapons and aiming weapons at a target. These devices will help detect the target and accurately aim the gun using the applied reticle and marks.

Is Night Vision worth it for Airsoft?

Night vision goggles are not a miracle. They are not always comfortable to wear and cheap, but you need to remember that night vision scopes give a significant advantage in battles with the enemy. That is why to the question “is it worth using a night vision device for playing airsoft” the answer is one – worth it. The main thing is to choose the suitable device just for you. It all depends on the tasks and lighting. The use of a night vision device in an airsoft game dramatically increases the pleasure of playing at night. To play effectively, you need to learn how to use a night vision device correctly. For this, there is special training.

What type of night vision devices can be helpful for Airsoft?

For Airsoft, night vision devices of two generations, namely 1+ and 2+, are widely used.

The higher the generation, the better the image is shown by the device.

Generation 1+ night vision goggles are inexpensive but need at least a little light. In complete darkness, 1+ is useless. It is also necessary to remember that 1+ is ineffective in collisions with an enemy who uses flashlights since 1+ stops showing the image when illuminated by a flashlight.

 A generation 2+ night vision device is much more expensive, but it is also more advanced than a 1+. A clear sky without a moon is enough for it to work, and 2+ is not afraid of flashlight illumination. And this is very important when fighting.

What to remember when using a night vision device?

Before using the night vision device in practice, it is necessary to undergo instructions and training. The effective field of view when you are using a night vision device is about 17 degrees. That is why you need to turn your head constantly to see the surrounding environment fully. Night vision devices also limit depth perception. The lenses in the device and the monochrome green color interfere with the correct perception of distances, but this is just a matter of practice. It would help if you learned how to use a night vision device before you buy it. You will physically not be able to see your equipment when you are in a night vision device, so you need to navigate where and what you have from the ammunition. It should also be remembered that your night vision device needs proper care. The accompanying safety and maintenance instructions must be followed. For example, night vision goggles should not be left in direct sunlight or sweltering rooms. It is also necessary to use covers to prevent scratches and keep the batteries separate from the instrument.

What is the range of a night vision device?

The average range of night vision devices is 150-200 m (basic configuration) and depends on the initial technical characteristics of the device. The device’s operating capacity can be significantly increased by using additional optical attachments and illuminators of various levels and utilizing principles.

An infrared flashlight is also used when using night vision devices, which are available on each device. The infrared lamp is turned on when there is insufficient light. This is called the active mode of operation. If the flashlight is turned off, then, accordingly, this is called a passive mode of operation.

Infrared illumination allows you to see the enemy as if an ordinary flashlight was shining on him. The main thing is not to direct the infrared illumination into the enemy’s eyes because this can lead to your unmasking, and the enemy will detect you.

What to look for when buying?

When choosing a night vision device, you should pay attention to the signal-to-noise (S / N) option. This value helps to observe the desired object in low light conditions. Ideally, this indicator should be at least 20.

Another important option is the resolution, on which the frequency and contrast of the transmitted image depend.

Light sensitivity and magnification are also important.

It must be remembered that the larger the lens diameter, the brighter the picture.

Be sure to pay attention to the focus range specification and check if it meets your requirements. The characteristics of the weight and dimensions of the device are essential for prolonged and active use of the night vision device.

When choosing and purchasing a night vision device, pay attention to whether the device was assembled and tested at the factory, whether the device has an extended warranty period, whether the focal length and viewing angle of the machine meet your requirements for the range of use, whether the device works on standard batteries, and also pay attention to whether the night vision device is imported or rebranded.

Summarize. For the airsoft player, modern optics will become an irreplaceable assistant. Night vision devices help to distinguish objects in the absence of light. A popular technology is a use of infrared for observation. It allows you to see if there is even a faint light source nearby. The most popular among night vision devices is a monocular. This device is lightweight and compact. The price for night vision devices is relatively high, but the device itself is worth it.

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