How old should you be to play airsoft?

Airsoft is a popular outdoor military tactical team game that uses copies of military weapons. This game is interesting not only for adults but also for children. Airsoft is not just entertainment, but one might say a kind of sport. Instead of hanging out all day with their gadgets, children should participate in various competitions in the company of friends outdoor. Before starting to play, all players need to study the rules and safety techniques of airsoft.

Lawson airsoft for kids

Airsoft is a game. But this is a sports game with the use of albeit soft but pneumonic weapons. Therefore, there are certain risks in the game. And even more so for children. Of course, several safety rules must be strictly followed for the safety of your own and other players.

As for the laws governing children’s play in airsoft, they are primarily aimed at ensuring security. I must say that there is no single law regulating airsoft games for children. In different states, you can find additional regulations. Therefore, to avoid misunderstandings, parents should familiarize themselves with rules in advance. In many states, it is forbidden to sell (airsoft) weapons to minors, but it does not say that parents cannot buy and transfer them to children, or they can be rented. Children are allowed to play under adult supervision.

Rules about kids at the airsoft field

As we said above, airsoft is a sports game, but the use of soft pneumatic weapons can be dangerous for players if safety rules are not followed. One of the main rules for children is the need to use full face masks to protect the eyes and face. Children usually play in unique playgrounds under the active supervision of adults. The rules may differ for each field and each age category.

Why 13 is the best age to start playing airsoft

The best age to start playing airsoft is 13 years old. By the age of 13, teens become more responsible and learn to handle dangerous things properly. By this age, they have reached sufficient physical fitness and stamina for such games. Airsoft is also a team game, and this fact is an additional plus for teenagers from a psychological point of view. The game helps to develop the ability to work in a team, to develop the skills of interaction and mutual assistance in a group. Also, 13 years is a period of psychological restructuring, which is accompanied by outbursts of emotions. But no matter what, airsoft classes for teenagers should be supervised by experienced airsoft players and take place on particular airsoft sites.

 The average age of airsofters

According to the latest polls, the average age of airsoft players is between 20 and 40 years old, but in general, the period of the game is not a hindrance. Some minors and players are over 50 years old, but their age does not prevent them from playing airsoft and performing all the game’s tasks.

Airsoft safety gear for kids

Airsoft is an expensive activity, as you should purchase a considerable amount of equipment for the protection and safety of the children. Each parent is very worried about the safety of their children, so they carefully choose the equipment.

Protective equipment includes helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, full face masks, gloves, backpacks. Long-sleeved clothing is also required to protect the baby’s skin from balls.

It is imperative to purchase children’s glasses to protect their eyes from the balls and see what is happening on the battlefield.

It would help if you also had good comfortable shoes—for example, ankle boots, hiking boots, or sneakers. A pair of gloves will come in handy to protect your hands.

It is not recommended to skimp on protective equipment since good equipment perfectly protects children while playing airsoft. As the safety of the child is the main task.

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