How to remove the orange tip from an airsoft gun?

Anyone who has played airsoft at least once knows perfectly well how similar an airsoft weapon can be to its natural counterparts. The problem with airsoft gun owners is that this weapon is perceived as a toy, and there is a misconception that it can be worn and used as it pleases. However, this is a paradox: if everyone around considers the weapon to be honest, then they will treat it accordingly, as a threat. For this reason, sometimes, the police even shoot at the owners of airsoft guns if they swing them left and right. Therefore, each owner of such weapons must understand and be aware of the risks associated with the operation of airsoft weapons.

In some states in the United States, compressed and spring-actuated air guns are considered firearms. But under federal law, airsoft weapons do not belong to firearms but are called soft pneumatics. US federal law states that every airsoft gun must be equipped with an orange tip at least 0, 23 in comprehensive. Compliance with this particular law makes it possible to distinguish airsoft weapons from real ones. The problem is that real guns sometimes also can have orange sights, similar to those of the orange-tipped airsoft guns. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between airsoft and natural weapons. If the weapon’s body is not transparent, then the seller is obliged to apply orange markings to the end of the barrel so that it is clear that the firearm is not combated. But at the same time, federal regulations do not indicate whether it is necessary to leave this orange mark after purchasing the drive. This is used by those who, for whatever reason, decide to remove the orange tip on their airsoft gun.

Method of removing orange tips from airsoft guns

So the airsoft gun owner decides to remove the orange tip on his gun. How can this be done? There are several ways.

Most of the orange lugs are screwed on, and the manufacturer glues some. With some shotguns and pistols, the orange tip can be pulled out with a bit of force. In others, it happens that a screw or pin is installed, and the information will have to be unscrewed.

To remove the tip, start by looking at the end to see if any screws or pins hold the information in place. It is advisable to cover the direction with some cloth to avoid damage to the weapon. Then take a pair of pliers and gently unscrew the orange tip. If this does not help, then the information may be glued. Then you can try dipping the end in boiling water for 10 seconds or using a heat gun to melt the glue. Be sure to use gloves to protect your hands.

Some more ways you can remove orange tips

Here are a few more ways to remove orange tips. If your pistol or rifle has an orange-colored flame arrestor, this paint can be removed with acetone or nail polish remover and then painted black. But before painting, it is necessary to remove the magazine, barrel, bolt, and return spring from the weapon.

You can also use a non-corrosive liquid paint stripper. In the end, the orange tip can be dyed black. You may need to spray the paint in several coats to paint over the orange color entirely. Over time, spray paint can start to wear off, so the staining procedure will have to be repeated. When painting, be sure to tape the parts you are not going to paint with masking tape.

Alternatively, the orange tip can be coated with PlastiDip multipurpose rubber. It is as easy to use as paint, yet flexible and corrosion resistant, and can be removed from the handpiece if desired by simply pulling it off.

Each airsoft gun owner decides for himself whether to remove the orange flash suppressor from the weapon. As far as legality is concerned, removing the orange tip is generally legal because the law does not specify that it is not allowed to remove the orange information after a purchase. The main thing is not to carry such weapons in plain sight but to have them, for example, in a bag to attract unnecessary attention from law enforcement agencies.

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