Facebook As An Effective Digital Marketing Tool In Jacksonville

If you are a businessperson or involved in marketing, advertising, sales or other similar positions, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool that you can take advantage of. It is not a new way of doing business, but a platform to facilitate them. It is a channel of communication between the company and its clients.

It is now well known that Facebook is the king of social networks because it is the one that moves the world. One of the daily topics in offices between friends and family are things that are on Facebook and that for their originality, fun or terror, they amaze the masses and become viral, ending in everyone"s mouth.

That is why this social network has become the perfect tool to create digital marketing strategies and reinforce or launch products or services that seek to be viral or simply fun that passes through this network on a daily basis.

The impact of publications on Facebook even reaches international levels, making it the perfect platform for companies that offer SEO services, whose purpose is to make a company be known through the use of strategies that makes a website to rank high in search engine results.

With this, this article will showcase some techniques and elements that you can take into account if you want to launch a product or service through this network, or if you want to strengthen the digital content of your business profile.

Obviously, the first thing you have to do, if you do not have it, is to create a business profile on Facebook that can be easily accessed (perhaps promoting it in another medium) and present your product or service you are offering.

To achieve this, it is important that you capture your digital marketing strategy in the profile, having a clear objective of your product or service and explaining in a concise and simple way what consumers will find in it. You can do this in the information section where you can put a description of what you offer.

Be clear about your company or product profile. Remember that this is not a web page that anyone can access. It is a public profile about what you offer, product, which other users can access, only if they are interested in the information you stated there.

In the profile photo, you must put an image that describes your product and, if possible, one that your audience or consumers can easily identify. You can complement this with the image of your cover, wherein it is suggested that you put your slogan, goal or primary objective.

If you create a commercial profile on Facebook that is attractive and clear enough about what you offer, you will have a golden tool for your digital marketing strategy and the benefits will be many, including:

Low cost:

The genuine thing about this is that it has no cost and you should not invest more than in creativity. The only thing that you must ensure is to make a professional management so as not to create errors that are detrimental to the image of your product or service.


This is the noblest and remarkable feature of opening a profile on Facebook. The closeness that you can have with your potential customers, you will hardly find anywhere else, because you know that who “likes" is directly interested in what you offer and will follow you constantly.

Search and Web positioning:

One of the advantages of a profile in this network is that because they are public profiles (since Facebook does not differentiate if they are from a person or a company) they are indexable by the search engines like Google or Yahoo, and that increases the authority of the company on the internet.

A local SEO company knows that much of the success of a business profile on Facebook is to gain many followers through sharing and link with publications or products and to maintain a high-quality content without doing a direct advertisement.

Offering information articles, fun memes and occasionally remembering the benefits of your product or service, should be elements that are never missing in your profile. Always publish assertively and consistently, but not overwhelming. This way you will have Facebook as a perfect tool for your digital marketing strategy.

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