Digital Marketing For Nail Salon: How To Advertise

If you need to get more customer for your nail salon, hairdresser or spa, the Internet can be an excellent tool. In this article, we are going to educate you on how digital marketing strategy can get you to boost your nail salon or spa on the Internet and reach potential customers.

Why is digital marketing necessary for a nail salon?

Potential customers now use the Internet to look for beauty and personal care services from their personal computers, tablets, and mobile devices. They are also influenced by comments on social networks, have access to more information to compare and choose nearby nail salons. This is where digital marketing plays a critical role for your nail salon if potential customers are now on the Internet.

The first step to follow is to have a digital marketing plan that allows you to define your goals and what are the steps to follow. Like for instance, the actions you are going to take. Discussing this topic can be very extensive. Below are steps to a digital strategy, which are summarized according to importance.

Register a domain name

Just as you have a business name for your nail salon, it is necessary to have a name on the Internet the famous “.com." Through this Internet address, your customers and potential customers will be able to find you. The recommendation is to use a short name that is easy to remember.

Create Professional Email Accounts

If you still use your free email of the type [email protected] you are probably not offering a good image or trust to your potential customers. Use a personalized email address with the name of your salon. It is quite economical, and it will help improve your image.

Design a website

According to studies, it is said that you have less than 8 seconds to attract the attention of the visitor. Otherwise, it will leave. For this reason, it is not a question of designing a web page where you talk about yourself as a professional stylist and how big your nail salon is, it is about talking about how you can help to meet the needs of your potential customers and why they should choose to go to your salon and not to another.

Where to get customers to my nail salon using the Internet?

Advertise on Google Adwords for Nail Salons

A lot of people use Google to search for virtually everything including beauty services and personal care in their locality. So announcing your beauty salon when someone searches for the word “beauty salon in (your city)" would be one of the better options to reach potential customers because you are arriving at the precise moment that that person is in need of your services.  This means that the chances of becoming a customer are very high.

Remember that advertising on Google will only allow you to get people interested in your services but it is your job to turn those people into customers, that is why you must have a strategy prepared to convince these potential customers that you are the best option.

Join Facebook

With Google we can reach potential customers who are proactively looking for a nail salon in their locality, but how to reach people who are not looking at Google but who may need a pedicure of manicure? Advertising on Facebook can be a good choice, since this allows us to show an ad to people segmented by age, gender, geographic location, interests, professions, etc.

It is important to note that people on facebook are in “social mode" and are interested in seeing pictures of friends, talking, etc. For this reason, we must “interrupt" your attention with an ad that has a clear and concise message and encourages us to see the details of what we offer.

Another aspect to consider is that we should not target everyone, for this we must define the profile of our “ideal customer" or “niche market" offering a customized solution.

Other options to publicize your beauty services are Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks, Although there are many options is not to be in all of them, you need to identify in which of these social networks is your target audience and focus your digital marketing actions on it.

What do I need to turn (interested) visitors into potential leads?

We have already seen that with ads on Google and Facebook you can reach potential customers and send them to your website where you will show all the details about your beauty services, however in most cases your website has been designed with several objectives, i.e. improve the image of your company, publicize all your services, in your blog publish article of interest to the visitor, encourage becoming a fan on Facebook, etc.

There are many options that the visitor has to “distract" and not find what was promised in the ad. With this, it is suggested to use a landing page which is a specially designed page with a goal in mind: To make that visitor a potential customer is to say that he calls us or leaves us his contact information and then to convert it into customer.

A landing page usually does not have a navigation menu and only details the service that was offered in the Google or Facebook ad.

Why do most nail salons fail when trying to get customers on the internet?

Probably as a professional stylist you understand the importance of digital marketing, but you do not have the time or experience to implement it, for this reason, several beauty salons have failed to achieve this goal wanting to do things for themselves.

The best thing to do is to delegate your strategy to a digital marketing agency that has proven experience in the subject and ensures you get potential customers, otherwise, if you try to do it for yourself, you can probably waste a lot of time and money until you take the exact steps to follow.

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